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Thursday, 14 November 2013

high fiber fruit list

 high fiber fruit list

High Fiber Fruit List

Examples of High Fiber Fruit List ; Here are a few examples Fibrous Fruits High , high fiber fruit is best eaten the body in amounts as needed because it provides a big benefit , especially in the digestion . What are the benefits of the fibrous fruit ?

The following example of High Fiber Fruit

Avocado High Fiber Fruit

Avocado is a high source of fiber . About 2 tablespoons of avocado has about 2 grams of fiber and whole fruit contains about 10 grams . Avocados are also an excellent source of unsaturated fats which can help lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease .

Pears High Fiber Fruit

Like most fruits are commonly eaten with the skin , pears are a source of fiber and high nutrition. A medium-size pear can contains about 5.5 grams of fiber .

Raspberries High Fiber Fruit

Raspberries are rich in fiber and very nutritious . Approximately one cup will give you about a third of the daily fiber requirement . Raspberries are also a powerful antioxidant .

Red Apple High Fiber Fruit

Content of Red Apples contain about 2 grams of fiber per 100 grams of material . Red apples contain fiber that dissolves in water , organic acid , and potassium . Red apples believed to stabilize blood pressure . Her skin contains pectin ( including soluble dietary fiber in foods ) which serves as a cleaning toxins from the body , absorbing excess water in the intestine , soften the stool , helping deter dental caries and nutritional ) , lower cholesterol , and increase HDL ( high density lipoprotein )

Watermelon High Fiber Fruit

Watermelon contains fiber content of fruit is pretty much about 0.3 grams per 100 grams of material . It also contains vitamin C and Vitamin A , magnesium , potassium , and phosphorus . Watermelon can be used to strengthen the immune system , as anticancer , preventing colon cancer , slow aging , overcome liver disorders , lowering cholesterol levels , as an anti - allergic and much more .

Melon High Fiber Fruit

Melon Fruit contains fiber content of approximately 0.7 grams per 100 grams of material . Melon also contains carbohydrates , vitamin A , vitamin C , potassium , calcium , magnesium , and phosphorus . Melon beneficial to lower cholesterol , stabilize blood pressure , as anticancer , overcoming fever , treating heart disease and stroke , cleanse the blood circulation system of various toxins , cleanse the skin , as an antioxidant , launched the digestive tract and prevents constipation .

Dragon Fruit High Fiber Fruit

Dragon Fruit with a fiber content of approximately 0.7 grams per 100 grams of material . In addition to fiber , dragon fruit also contains potassium , pectin , magnesium , phosphorus , and iron . Dragon fruit can also be used to facilitate the digestive system , lowers blood sugar , regulate blood sugar balance , help overcome arthritis and gout , improve the health of the organ of vision , helps control blood cholesterol levels . The fiber content in the dragon fruit can be used to expedite the process of digestion and prevent constipation . Dragon fruit also contains antioxidants that can be used to prevent cancer .

Starfruit High Fiber Fruit

Carambola fruit content of vitamin A , vitamin B , vitamin C , fiber and a variety of fruit acids . Fibers in leatherback 0.9 grams per 100 grams of material .
Carambola benefits to relieve heartburn and eliminate toxins in the heat , facilitate the disposal of feces , prevent and cope with mouth and throat infections , urinary stones address ( if taken with honey ) , lowering cholesterol levels , as an antioxidant , lowers blood pressure , and can be used for therapy millitus cure diabetes .

Green Pears High Fiber Fruit

Content of green Pears contain vitamin C , potassium , magnesium , and pectin . Including green pear fruits that contain lots of fiber grading 2.3 grams per 100 grams of material . Green pears can be used to relieve heartburn, aid digestion , relieve cough as an antioxidant , launched the digestive tract and prevents constipation . Green pear is best eaten the children because of the high fiber content . Actually fiber needed children can be obtained from vegetables . However , they usually do not really like vegetables .

Red Guava High Fiber Fruit

Content of Red Guava suitable for diabetes cure therapies millitus as low calorie and glucose . Guava can also be used to treat infections , lowering cholesterol levels , as an antioxidant and anticancer , overcoming cancer , overcoming thrush , launched the digestive tract , preventing constipation and cleanse the blood . Guava contains vitamin A , vitamin C , potassium , phosphorus , and magnesium . In addition , red guava contain high fiber content of 7.3 grams per 100 grams of material .

Pineapple High Fiber Fruit

Pineapple fruit content of nutrients and phytochemicals in pineapple include vitamin A , vitamin C , manganese , calcium , magnesium , and pectin . In addition , pineapples also contain fiber grading 1 gram per 100 grams of material . Pectin in the pineapple serves to facilitate the disposal of excreta from the gut , helping to relieve the heat in the lungs , relieve cough , kidney and overcome bladder , overcoming thrush , reduce fever , treat heart disease and stroke , an infection, launched the digestive tract , preventing constipation , as well as overcome anemia disorder ( if cooked with animal foods such as chicken ) . Besides pineapple serves as anticancer and antioxidant

Papaya High Fiber Fruit

Papaya fruit content of vitamin A , vitamin B , vitamin C , potassium , calcium , magnesium , carbohydrates , and papain . Papaya also contains fiber grading 1.3 grams per 100 grams of material . Papain in papaya works to break down the protein in the intestine , and accelerate the milk . In addition , papain is also one protease enzymes useful to help accelerate wound healing and helps in protein digestion .
Papaya also contains Karpaina , which is an alkaloid that works to reduce heart attacks , laxative worms , tackle thrush , an infection, reduce fever , launched the digestive tract and prevents constipation ( constipation ) . If mixed with mango can reduce swelling and inflammation . Moreover , as anti - amoebic , anticancer , and antioxidant .

Mango High Fiber Fruit

Mango fruit contains fiber content of as much as 1.6 grams per 100 grams of material . Additionally , mangoes contain vitamin A , pectin , and fructose . Nutrient content in mango beneficial to strengthen the body's tissues , increase endurance , reduce dehydration , launched the digestive tract and prevents constipation . In addition , the nutrients in mangoes can also be used for beauty therapy and serves as anticancer . Millitus special diabetics should not eat mango , sweet fragrant mango mainly because they contain high levels of sugar .

Lychee High Fiber Fruit

Lychee fruit contain some content of some nutrients , such sukroko , glucose , vitamin C , calcium , magnesium , and phosphorus . Lychee also contain fiber grading 1.6 grams per 100 grams of material . Lychee can be used to improve the skin condition . Diabetics should not consume millitus lychee fruit because of high sugar content so rapidly raise blood glucose levels .

Longan High Fiber Fruit

High-fiber content of Longan fruit grading 0.9 grams per 100 grams of material . Longan also contains vitamin C , fructose , sucrose , and potassium . Beneficial nutrient content in longan to improve heart function and blood circulation , increase appetite , prevent anemia , prevent premature hair whitening , helps accelerate healing of wounds, improve nerve function , launched the digestive tract , preventing constipation , and for beauty therapy . High energy content in longan is very useful to improve stamina after illness .
Longan also well taken by new mothers because of the sugar content in them can be used as a source of energy that is needed to restore power after childbirth .

Bananas High Fiber Fruit

Bananas contain fiber content of as much as 0.6 grams per 100 grams of material . In addition , bananas also contain vitamin A , vitamin C , phosphorus , and iron . Bananas are beneficial to reduce the amount of acid in the stomach , to treat disorders of the stomach , lower cholesterol , treat heart disease and stroke , lowers fever , fever overcome , fight allergies , and lowers blood pressure .
Sodium and potassium content in bananas is high . Both of these nutrients are useful for improving growth and muscle cells , increase the production of red blood cells that can prevent anemia , helps the production of energy , and can provide the ability to withstand the pressure ( stress ) . Potassium content in bananas is also beneficial for the digestive tract and launched prevent constipation . Bananas can also function as antioxidants and anticancer .

Tomatoes High Fiber Fruit
Tomatoes are high in fiber content of fruit grading 4.2 grams per 100 grams of material . Known as lycopene tomato ( tomato red dye ) that is able to prevent prostate cancer . Therefore , the Adam is more advisable to consume tomatoes regularly ( every day ) in order not to get prostate cancer .
Other nutrients contained in tomatoes is a provitamin A , vitamin C , vitamin B1 , and citric acid . Nutrients in tomatoes believed to prevent prostate cancer , lowers blood pressure , helps the formation of glycogen in the liver , preventing appendicitis , prevent blood clots , prevent bleeding gums , tackle the problem of obesity , purify the blood and liver , as well as prevent night blindness .
Tomatoes are also beneficial for heart health manjaga by balancing liver function . In addition, the tomatoes can also increase appetite so they can treat the disease anorexia ( no appetite )
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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Reasons Eating High Fiber Foods

Reasons Eating High Fiber Food

Reasons Eating High Fiber Foods

In general, people already know that one successful way to lose weight is to include high fiber foods into their Menu diet program . But it turns out , there are many other benefits of fiber , they will get to a healthy body , without them knowing it . Fiber can be obtained from a variety of foods such as nuts , berries , avocados , brown rice , broccoli , green sayurah , apples , pears and others.

The main function of fiber is to keep the digestive system in your body . Fiber also helps to eliminate toxins from the body and out the other with body waste . Fruits and vegetables are one of the foods that are rich in fiber , as it helps to remove waste from your body .

In addition , there are three other important Reasons Eating High Fiber Foods which will provide health benefits to the body .

1 . Fibers Can Prevent Heart Disease

Research around the world has revealed that eating fiber can help prevent heart disease .
People who consume more fiber in their diet vulnerable or less likely to develop heart disease .

2 . As fiber Controlling High Blood

Seratadalah important component of the diet for people with hypertension or high blood pressure .
Research has shown consuming fiber in your daily diet will be very effective in preventing high blood pressure because it will help control it to a normal level .

3 . Fiber Against Cancer

Scientists have shown that eating fiber can reduce the risk of colon cancer . Dietary fiber is found in wheat and other food products may increase bowel movements .
Seratjuga are responsible for the prevention of the growth of bad bacteria and support the growth of good bacteria in the colon .
Several studies also have shown that fiber not only prevent colon cancer , but also helps in reducing the risk of breast cancer by reducing circulating estrogen can cause breast cancer

In addition to the three benefits of eating vegetables or fruits that are rich in fiber , fiber is also known to reduce serum cholesterol , bile acid binding , removing toxins from your body , reducing intestinal pH and increase the production of short chain fatty acids .
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Fiber is also good for constipation . Therefore , a High Fiber Diet Foods is very beneficial for your body .

High Fiber Foods

High Fiber Foods

High Fiber Foods

Why is fiber ?

Fiber content in foods labeled as dietary fiber and have a high fiber content at foods. It is not absorbed by the body and does not provide calories. Benefits of consuming foods that contain lots of dietary fiber is the prevention of constipation , blood sugar regulation and possible protection against heart disease , high cholesterol , and some types of cancer .

The National Cancer Institute recommends a daily fiber intake for adults 20-35 grams . Americans consume an average of only 7-8 grams a day . The National Academy of Sciences shows that we need 14 grams of fiber per 1000 calories consumed , regardless of age . Fiber diet foods can provide profit for each individual , especially the elderly who are more susceptible to heart disease , high cholesterol , diabetes , colon cancer and obesity .

Fiber Foods Type

There are two basic types of fiber - soluble and insoluble . Your diet should include both.  Each different fiber types have different functions .

Soluble fiber :

Soluble fiber derived from fruit fillings . Immature fruit contains more pectin fruit from the mature fruit . Pectin is used as a thickening agent and stabilizer in candy , syrup and frozen desserts , jams , jellies and preserve . Sources of soluble fiber includes apples , barley , dried beans , beets, carrots , cranberries , red currant , gooseberry , citrus, grapes , wheat , citrus, peach , pear , plum tart , plum , rye and sesame seeds .

Insoluble fiber :

Insoluble fiber cellulose , which is found in apples , beets, broccoli , pears and whole grains, helps to nourish and cleanse the blood vessels of the intestinal tract . Hemicellulose help to remove waste through the body. It is found in apples , beets, cabbage , corn , peas and corn . Lignin , the most easily digested of various kinds of fiber, antioxidants and effective is found in carrots , green beans , potatoes , tomatoes , corn and other foods . By softening stools , insoluble fiber can help prevent hemorrhoids and diverticular disease .

Sources of insoluble fiber are Brazil nuts, whole grain breads and cereals , fruits and vegetables with skins , peanuts , popcorn , brown rice and wheat bran .A diet rich in soluble fiber and low in fat can help control weight. Soluble fiber helps in the management of diabetes by slowing the rate at which your body absorbs glucose .

What kind of fiber that does not help ?

Manufacturers now add a number of isolated fibers like inulin , maltodextrin and polydestrose in food . Advertisements and labels from products imply that they are similar to fibers found in whole grains . Claim is not supported by science so do not rely on assistance from high fiber foods . Please consult your physician before beginning any new diet . High fiber diet Foods can harm someone with irritable bowl or stomach cramps .
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Monday, 11 November 2013

functions of fiber diet foods

function of fiber diet foods

Functions of Fiber Diet Foods

many functions of fiber diet foods . In one day humans require about 25 grams of fiber . The fiber needs must be useful for human health .

Fiber Diet Foods Functions

Here are the reasons why people need fiber. fiber diet foods functions, functions of fiber diet foods, function of fiber foods, fiber foods function :

1 . Fiber helps you lose weight

Eating starchy or carbohydrate products may satisfy your taste buds . However, you will quickly hungry . While fiber takes longer to digest than carbohydrates stomach . So that the fiber will make you feel fuller longer enough , so not much to eat .In addition , fiber diet foods such as fruits and vegetables , usually low in carbohydrates and calories than foods provide more nutrients , including antioxidants. Fewer calories with more nutrients means you lose weight in a healthy manner.

2 . Fiber good for the heart

The American Heart Association recommends a diet rich in soluble fiber both by insoluble and to improve heart health . Soluble fiber , found in oats , beans , and citrus , has dihubungksn with a reduced risk of heart disease due to food fiber lowers LDL cholesterol ( bad cholesterol ) . While insoluble fiber is found in whole grain products , vegetables , and carrots , have been associated with reduced risk of heart disease .

3 . Fibers prevent type 2 diabetes

Eating fiber-rich foods can prevent and cope with type 2 diabetes by stimulating the production of healthy blood sugar and insulin levels . Because fiber encourages weight loss , the fiber helps prevent type 2 diabetes . And for those who already have diabetes , fiber can help control blood sugar levels because the fiber slows the absorption of glucose .

4 . Fiber against cancer

Eating fiber can reduce the risk of cancer , particularly cancers of the colon, stomach , small intestine , esophagus , breast , and uterus . Fiber benefits the digestive system because fiber works like a broom , sweeping out toxins from the body . Besides high fiber diet foods such as fruits and vegetables high in antioxidants that have the potential to fight cancer .

5 . Fiber for diets improveIf

you are replacing meals of carbohydrate products that have been processed or fast foods with foods rich in fiber , so drastically , how it will improve the quality of your diet . Healthier diet , rich in fiber , meaning more energy , brain health , smooth skin , beautiful hair , and reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as kidney stones , digestive problems , pain itself , to improve skin condition .

Fiber Diet Foods Detail

Which belong to the fiber-containing foods such as , rice contains 2.1 fiber , corn I, 1 fiber , coconut fiber 1.6 . Beans contained in the tofu and tempeh , beans , chickpeas , kidney beans , green beans contains 1.2 grams of fiber . Vegetables like spinach , carrots , eggplant , cabbage , beans , spinach , young jackfruit , papaya , moringa leaves and cassava leaves contain 1.2 grams . While fruits such as papaya and oranges accounted for 0.9 grams .If we can not meet the needs of as many as 25 grams of fiber per day then it can consume food supplements containing high fiber , such as Melilea Organic Green Field , which contains 4 grams of fiber in every 7 grams contents .

This is The functions of fiber diet foods .

High Fiber Diet Foods

High Fiber Diet foods

High fiber diet is a balanced diet is modified with a higher fiber content. This can be achieved by including more fruits , nuts , vegetables and grains in the food supply.
high fiber diet foods

Fiber is the essence of food , or also called the rough part or most of the food that is often forgotten . Usefulness never changes which help reduce the amount of fat and sugar in the blood circulation . Fibers make junk food more quickly spending can thus prevent constipation or difficult bowel movements .

High Fiber Diet Foods Program

Some hints for High Fiber Diet Foods program .

1 . Make a regular eating schedule .

2 . Eat good food three times a day with meals for breakfast and dinner - size little as possible .

3 . Take time to enjoy your Fiber Diet Foods .

4 . Use it instead of food that has not been purified products that have been processed .

5 . Replace meat and fish with nuts and grains ( foods that have fiber ) .

6 . Enter vegetable fiber in the diet as much and as often as possible .

7 . Drink lots of water 8-10 glasses a day between meals .

8 . Eat fruits , vegetables , and grain Cereal with seeds , skin and membranes, if possible .

9 . Avoid apples , bananas , guava , starfruit and so if you have constipation . Instead eat papaya , pineapple , plums , oranges and watermelon .

10 . Eat a variety of foods at each meal .
 11 . Avoid coffee , tea , alcoholic and carbonated beverages .

Diet Fiber foods

Fish , milk , meat and eggs do not contain fiber . Diet Fiber foods can only be obtained from fruits , nuts , vegetables , Cereal , whole grains and legumes . The more natural the food ( not purified ) , the higher the fiber content. Processing can reduce fiber content . many functions of fiber diet foods. The fiber needs must be useful for human health .
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Similarly info on High Fiber Diet Foods .